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Monthly: March 2018

Movie Poster of the Week – THE LONG GOODBYE

BadAzz MoFo’s celebration of the art of the movie poster (though not necessarily the movie itself).

With the exception of Escape from New York, all the posters to be profiled so far Movie Poster Hall of the Week have been for movies of questionable quality. And in some cases that’s being far too kind. So, with that in mind I decided it was time to include a truly phenomenal movie, just to prove that my taste in movie poster art is not relegated to crappy films with cool posters. Director Robert Altman’s The Long Goodbye is easily one of the best films of the 1970s, and the posters are amazing. But I will say this, with the exception of the one pictured above, none of the posters really fit the mood of the movie. Of the four different poster styles I’m showcasing here, my favorite is this one immediately below, by legendary cartoonist Jack Davis. Probably best remembered for his work in Mad magazine, this poster looks like something you’d see in Mad, which is totally inappropriate for The Long Goodbye. But I love this poster anyway.

Below are two other posters for The Long Goodbye. I like ‘em, but they don’t blow my mind like the Davis one does, or even come close to capturing the tone of the movie the way the top one does.

Movie Poster of the Week – THE TATTOOED HIT MAN

BadAzz MoFo’s celebration of the art of the movie poster (though not necessarily the movie itself).

Just a reminder—and I’m sure I’ll be saying this from time to time—the  Movie Poster Hall of the Week is all about illustrated/painted movie posters that I like. It is not about the quality of the movies. If that was the case, there’s no way I’d be featuring a film like The Tattooed Hit Man, because it is a boring mess of a movie—at least that’s the case of the version I saw, which bored the crap out of me. But I love the poster. It’s pretty rare that you get an illustrated poster for a yakuza movie, as many Japanese posters use photo montages instead of drawings. This is an American release of a Japanese film that I’m sure was released based on the success of the Sonny Chiba Streetfighter movies. The poster credits Bud Sugawara as the lead, but his real name is Bunta Sugawara, star of several of director Kinji Fukasasku’s best films. I wish I could make out the signature on the poster so I could know who did the illustration. The art itself looks more like the cover of a cheap paperback novel that came out in the 1970s than it does a movie poster, but it certainly sells the product. Too bad the product just isn’t that good.

Movie Poster of the Week – THE PEOPLE THAT TIME FORGOT

From the company that brought us The Land that Time Forgot (last week’s Poster of the Week), as well as the same director, comes this far inferior sequel. The third Edgar Rice Burroughs’s book to be adapted by Amicus—Land that Time Forgot and At the Earth’s Core were the other two—The People that Time Forgot has everything that was bad about those other two movies, only more of it. More bad writing. More terrible special effects. More second-rate acting, this time courtesy of leading man Patrick Wayne. Doug McClure, who was the lead in the other two films, has a much smaller part, but his performance here is worse, so it all evens out in the wash. Even the poster art for this one isn’t as good as Land that Time Forgot—but it’s still pretty cool. Up top, we have the American version of the poster. Below, is the British version.

The one thing that People that Time Forgot has going for it actress Dana Gillespie as the buxotic and beautiful cavewoman, Ajor. I missed this one when it came out in theaters, and had to wait many, many years before it finally turned up on television. Talk about a major disappointment.  Except, or course, for Gillespie, who ignited a special fire in my teenage loins. That’s her pictured below. See what I mean?


Movie Poster of the Week – THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT

BadAzz MoFo’s celebration of the art of the movie poster (though not necessarily the movie itself).

I saw this in the theaters when I was a kid back in 1975, and I thought it was just about the best movie I’d ever seen. Thankfully, my cinematic tastes have developed over the years (though not that much). The years haven’t been that kind to The Land that Time Forgotor maybe it’s just that the movie is questionable at best. It is the best of the three Edgar Rice Burroughs films made by the British production company Amicus (the other two being At the Earth’s Core and The People that Time Forgot). But despite the questionable quality of the movie, the poster was and remains awesome. I’m pretty sure that version above is a variation of the British poster. It is considerably different from the American version, which is not nearly as compelling. In fact, the American version of the poster is pretty lame (check it out below). See what I mean? And it’s totally misleading. There’s no giant octopus. No underwater diving. No mini submarine thing. None of that shit is in the movie. But Doug McClure is in it, and the British version of the poster makes him look so much more cool than he actually is in the movie (it also makes Susan Penhaligon’s breasts appear to be much bigger than they actually are).

And as an added bonus…here is artist Nick Cardy’s cover for the Marvel comic adaptation of the film.

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