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Archive for June 2019

History of Black Cinema – SHAFT vs. SWEETBACK

For many years there has been a myth surrounding the origins of the classic blaxploitation film Shaft. A long-running story has laid claim to the fact that Shaft had been in development at MGM with a white actor in the lead role, and that Richard Roundtree wasn’t cast until after the success of Sweet Sweetback’s…

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There’s a new SHAFT movie coming out, and it is no big surprise that a lot of people are asking me about it. No, I haven’t seen it. No, I have no interest in seeing it (it’s a comedy, and SHAFT is not supposed to be a comedy). A lot of people have also been…

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In stores now – BITTER ROOT, Volume 1

BITTER ROOT, Volume 1 — co-written and co-created by yours truly with Chuck Brown (co-writer) and Sanford Greene (artist) is now in stores. Available at Comic Stores and Book Stores EVERYWHERE. Available digitally on Comixology. Available on Amazon.

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