Movie Poster of the Week – DAWN OF THE DEAD

Okay, technically this is not a movie poster for Dawn of the Dead. Back when George Romero’s zombie classic came out in 1979, a “poster book” was released as a promotional tie-in. Poster books seemed to be something of a fad around the time, though the only other one I can specifically remember is one for the James Bond movie Moonraker.  Basically, poster books were magazines that were folded multiple times instead of being stapled in the middle. When one of these things was completely unfolded, it was a poster on one side. The image above is the main poster. Below is the cover of the publication (on the left), and a secondary image that appeared when the magazine was unfolded half way. The rest of the poster book was pictures and articles.

And just because…here’s the original movie poster.

And here is one of the many European versions of the poster, in which it was retitled Zombie for distribution overseas.

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