Movie Poster of the Week – PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE

A friend of mine recently requested that I include Phantom of the Paradise in the Movie Poster Hall of Fame. Actually, he didn’t request it, he demanded it, because that’s the kind of obnoxious person he happens to be. But since I was planning on featuring this poster sooner or later, I simply decided to get around to it sooner. In his demand to showcase this poster, he erroneously credited the artwork to Neal Adams, but that’s not who did this painting. Nor do I believe this is the work of Richard Corben, as some people think. I’m pretty sure John Alvin did the art for Phantom of the Paradise. Below is the second style, which is not as commonly known. I don’t know who did the art for this other one.


UPDATE: I got an email from Swan Archives, a badass site dedicated to Phantom of the Paradise, and it seems that this second version of the poster is indeed by artist Richard Corben, and it based on a sketch by Neal Adams.  Definitely check out Swan Archives if you want to know more about this film (and by more in mean everything).

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