Movie Poster of the Week – THE LONG GOODBYE

BadAzz MoFo’s celebration of the art of the movie poster (though not necessarily the movie itself).

With the exception of Escape from New York, all the posters to be profiled so far Movie Poster Hall of the Week have been for movies of questionable quality. And in some cases that’s being far too kind. So, with that in mind I decided it was time to include a truly phenomenal movie, just to prove that my taste in movie poster art is not relegated to crappy films with cool posters. Director Robert Altman’s The Long Goodbye is easily one of the best films of the 1970s, and the posters are amazing. But I will say this, with the exception of the one pictured above, none of the posters really fit the mood of the movie. Of the four different poster styles I’m showcasing here, my favorite is this one immediately below, by legendary cartoonist Jack Davis. Probably best remembered for his work in Mad magazine, this poster looks like something you’d see in Mad, which is totally inappropriate for The Long Goodbye. But I love this poster anyway.

Below are two other posters for The Long Goodbye. I like ‘em, but they don’t blow my mind like the Davis one does, or even come close to capturing the tone of the movie the way the top one does.

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