Movie Poster of the Week – THE PEOPLE THAT TIME FORGOT

From the company that brought us The Land that Time Forgot (last week’s Poster of the Week), as well as the same director, comes this far inferior sequel. The third Edgar Rice Burroughs’s book to be adapted by Amicus—Land that Time Forgot and At the Earth’s Core were the other two—The People that Time Forgot has everything that was bad about those other two movies, only more of it. More bad writing. More terrible special effects. More second-rate acting, this time courtesy of leading man Patrick Wayne. Doug McClure, who was the lead in the other two films, has a much smaller part, but his performance here is worse, so it all evens out in the wash. Even the poster art for this one isn’t as good as Land that Time Forgot—but it’s still pretty cool. Up top, we have the American version of the poster. Below, is the British version.

The one thing that People that Time Forgot has going for it actress Dana Gillespie as the buxotic and beautiful cavewoman, Ajor. I missed this one when it came out in theaters, and had to wait many, many years before it finally turned up on television. Talk about a major disappointment.  Except, or course, for Gillespie, who ignited a special fire in my teenage loins. That’s her pictured below. See what I mean?


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