DISCOMBOBULATED – The Grieving Process

March 15, 2021
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Dream vs. Reality: Understanding “I Have a Dream”

January 18, 2021

This is a slightly edited version of a piece that I originally wrote January 21, 2008. Barack Obama hadn’t even been elected president at this point in time. Breonna Taylor was only 13 years-old, while Trayvon Martin and Tamir Rice weren’t even born yet. As a nation, we were on the verge of a time…

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The 2020 $20 SALE!!!

December 25, 2020

Because it’s the end of the year, and because 2020 kinda/sorta sucked, I’m having a sale on a selection of books written (or co-written) by yours truly. See the deals I’m offering below, and go to the STORE to make your purchase. All books are signed on the inside by me. Sale ENDS January 3,…

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DISCOMBOBULATED – 2020 and the ‘Rona, Part Two

November 30, 2020
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DISCOMBOBULATED – 2020 and the ‘Rona

November 23, 2020
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DISCOMBOBULATED- A Special Message from The ‘Rona

October 26, 2020
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DISCOMBOBULATED – The Language of Friendship

October 19, 2020
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DISCOMBOBULATED – Heavy Mentals 2: The Check-In

October 12, 2020
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October 10, 2020
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NYCC Stay-At-Home Super Sale!!!

October 9, 2020

In honor of the New York Comic Con, which is supposed to be happening right now, I’m having a special sale at my online store. I’ve put together a few NYCC Bundles that will be available Friday-Sunday (Oct. 9th – 11th). Each NYCC Bundle comes with a FREE Señor Mágico mini-print (5.5”x8.5”) by JJ Kirby…

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