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New York Comic Con 2019

I will be at the New York Comic Con this year — look for me in Artist Alley at table G-29. I will have copies of my new self-published series ONE FALL, as well as a bunch of other stuff (including some FREE* gifts). I will also be moderating two different panels — Afropunks &…

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WRITING COMICS: Letting Go of the Words

Writers…oh, how we love our words. The problem is that in comics it isn’t just about the words, it is also about the pictures. As a writer, sometimes I forget that the words aren’t as important as they seemed when I wrote them. When I got the gig writing PLANET OF THE APES: URSUS, it…

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WRITING COMICS: NIGHTHAWK, Part 2: Finding the Villain

As I mentioned in my previous post, NIGHTHAWK was my first regular series at Marvel, even though it came out second. I started developing NIGHTHAWK back in May of 2015, but the first issue would not come out until May 25, 2016 – more than a year later. In that time, the series underwent considerable…

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WRITING COMICS: My First Work for Marvel

My first gig for Marvel was a short story for Secret Wars: Battleworld #2. Short stories like this are one of the ways Marvel tests out new writers. I was asked to pitch several ideas, and the one they picked was Blade the Vampire Slayer vs. Howard the Duck. This was actually an idea for…

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There’s a new SHAFT movie coming out, and it is no big surprise that a lot of people are asking me about it. No, I haven’t seen it. No, I have no interest in seeing it (it’s a comedy, and SHAFT is not supposed to be a comedy). A lot of people have also been…

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On My Father’s Birthday

I don’t recall thinking about my father that much when I was a younger. There were those obvious times when I missed not having a dad—like little league baseball games, or birthdays, or learning how to ride a bike without training wheels—but as best as I can recall, missing my father was not an everyday…

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