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Movie Poster of the Week

BAMF’s Movie Poster of the Week- CONAN THE BARBARIAN

Although I loved Conan The Barbarian when I was a kid, in retrospect I can say with supreme confidence that the movie poster is the best part. The American version of the poster (above) features art by Renato Casaro. The superior European version (directly below) also features art Casaro. The third image I’ve posted is…

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BAMF’s Movie Poster of the Week – DEATH RACE 2000

For this installment of the Movie Poster of the Week we proudly present director Paul Bartel’s brilliant satire, Death Race 2000. What more needs to be said? Below is an Italian version of the poster, with different artwork, but still equally badass (perhaps even slightly more badass). And one more version, just for good measure.

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BAMF’s Movie Poster of the Week – THE OMEGA MAN

As if we needed any more proof that European movie posters thoroughly kick ass over their American counterparts, I give you the Italian version of The Omega Man. This movie is a childhood favorite, and even though it hasn’t held up that well, it’s still a fun movie, and this particular poster is awesome. Now,…

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Movie Poster of the Week – DAWN OF THE DEAD

Okay, technically this is not a movie poster for Dawn of the Dead. Back when George Romero’s zombie classic came out in 1979, a “poster book” was released as a promotional tie-in. Poster books seemed to be something of a fad around the time, though the only other one I can specifically remember is one…

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