DAMAGED GOODS a (un)romantic comedy

Dg-coverBDamaged Goods – There’s a reason some people are single. From the demented mind of David Walker, creator of BadAzz MoFo and Black Santa’s Revenge, comes a twisted romantic comedy…only without the romance. Kevin (Greg James) and Michelle (Lara Kobrin) are two thirtysomethings just trying to cope with single life, and doing a miserable job of it. With a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other, neither of them has been able to make the right choices. When they meet at a party, and later go on a date, it seems like true love may finally be within their reach. But are they both too damaged to find happiness? Its Clerks meets Carnal Knowledge in this raunchy yet poignant comedy that dares to show what dating is really like, and explains that some people are single for a reason.
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DAMAGED GOODS – a (un)romantic comedy by David Walker from David F Walker on Vimeo.

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SPECIAL EDITION DVD – This fully load disc includes two versions of the movie (one animated via “roto-tune” filter), audio commentary with cast members and me (the writer/director), a making of featurette, teaser trailer, and an extra special, uncut, extra raw extended scene feature Lloyd Kaufman of Troma fame. You can order this Special Edition DVD from Amazon.